Can A Healthy Relationship Exist After An Affair Has Occurred?

Healthy relationships after affairs — Is it possible?

Since every relationship is different, there is an endless amount of possibilities that can occur after someone cheats. However, not every single one of them is going to lead to a healthy relationship. When my husband first came clean to me about his affair, I never would have believed that years later, we would be in a healthy and happy relationship, but it happened. To have a healthy relationship after an affair, you need to be prepared to give it all you got. Since cheating on your partner is going to mess them up for a while, you need to make sure that you're patient, kind, and willing to do anything to salvage your marriage. In my case, my husband felt so guilty and awful about the affair that I almost felt bad for him. He made it very clear to me that he loved me and wanted to fix things so that this would never happen again, and since I was still in love I agreed to try.

How do people maintain a good relationship after cheating?

Maintaining a good relationship after cheating isn't all that simple, especially when you factor in sadness, resentment, hatred, getting even, and the loss of trust. But if you're willing to spend a lot of time talking and working things through, it can happen. To maintain a good relationship after cheating, you need to have had a good relationship prior to the incident. If you never had a good relationship with your partner, you can't expect it to bloom after an infidelity incident.

How to fix a relationship after cheating

When I was trying to learn how to fix a relationship after cheating, I stumbled across a couple self-help books, and although I usually scoff at these, I ended up buying them and reading them. Learning how to fix a relationship after cheating was fairly simple, and after reading up on some couple's exercises it become a lot easier. Instead of doing nothing to save our marriage, my husband and I started going jogging together in Stoke-On-Trent, which helped us form a closer bond. Eventually we began running in marathons and living a more active lifestyle. This not only helped us have things in common, but it made us more active which improved our sex life.

Can infidelity terminate your relationship?

If your relationship was poor to begin with, infidelity can absolutely terminate your relationship. However, if you and your partner had a very strong relationship that began dying out around the same time as the affair, there might be room for forgiveness. If you're thinking about cheating on your partner, try and keep in mind that you're doing something very evil that could ultimately end up terminating your relationship. If you love your partner, don't break their heart — it's as simple as that.

Can an affair make a relationship stronger?

Having an affair can absolutely make a relationship stronger, but it isn't recommended. In some special cases, couples who were lost in their relationship dabbled in infidelity, came clean about it, and then started fixing their marital problems. If your problems are fixable and your solutions end up bringing you and your partner closer together, your relationship can actually grow stronger. However, it is rare.