Spot Psychotic Women: Learn To Avoid Meeting Girls That Are Batshit Crazy!

Attracting people to your online dating profile is great, as long as they're not totally crazy. We all want people interested in chatting and hooking up with us, if they're the right kind of person. Everyone is unique and will have certain types that work for them, but we also all have deal breakers and red flags that tell us that someone online is just plain weird. Break your routine of chatting with everyone you meet and start weeding out the crazies for a better time online and less time wasted on girls who are missing a few screws. Here's how to spot the insane chicks online:

She's all over you from the moment you meet.

If she clings to you for dear life from your first contact onward you might be dealing with someone crazy. Some warning signs might be that she messages you a hundred times in rapid succession, begs you not to go when you want to log off, or bursts into tears when you suggest that you're not a good match. Break it off with any crazy ladies you meet online and keep your live cam feed filled with cool, sexy women instead.

She's a loner.

If a woman doesn't have any other online friends, matches, or users or doesn't have any reviews, likes, or replies there's probably a good reason why. Someone who is totally available with no other action is likely a little crazy. If she's hot enough but is a loner online then there's got to be something up with her. Take a look at the other action she's been getting in her online chat routine and pick the girls who are in high demand or have the best ratings instead of going for the oddball chicks who are flying totally solo on your favorite sites.

She gives up way too much information.

Online dating and cam sites are all about flirting and having fun with people, without having to have an in depth knowledge of their personal life. If a woman's profile reads like a novel or she takes over your whole chat screen with a million details about her life, then you're probably dealing with a nutcase. Stick to a routine of engaging with ladies who play it cool and only offer up sexy stories about themselves and forget about the ones who want to tell you about their cats or childhood memories. The goal of hooking up online is to enjoy sexual pleasure without having to be in a relationship and be part of the minutiae of her life.

She's jealous and needy.

Watch out for women who can't take a break from you and become desperate and needy every time you want to log off. The same goes for those who demand to know what other women you're chatting to or hooking up with. Remember that live cam chicks aren't your girlfriend or wife, so they don't have the right to give you shit about who you're flirting with or having online sex with. If she's jealous of your online routine and is busting your balls about chatting with other women it's time to break it off and find someone less crazy to have fun with.

She talks about marriage.

If you're into a casual dating routine or are mostly interested in the physical thrill of online sex then the last thing you want to hear is the M-word. When a woman from a local chat or dating site starts talking about getting married and having babies she's probably a bit of a crazy one. Of course it's normal for women to want those things in their life, but it's not cool to bring them up when you're just supposed to be having a fun and sexy time online. Save yourself from the clutches of a crazy women by breaking it off if she comes on too strong and tries to jump ahead too fast.

She acts crazy.

Sometimes you can just tell that a woman is crazy within the first few minutes of talking to her. If she's speaking erratically, seems overly hyper, can't stop talking, or has nervous tics, then there might be something mentally wrong with her. The right kind of ladies to have fun with online are cool, sexy, and laid back, getting you in the mood with their chill attitude. A chick who's bouncing off the walls and just plain acting crazy probably is.

She's always available.

Steer clear of women who are always online every time you check. Normal women will spend some time online but also have real lives to lead. Look for chicks who are available some of the time but aren't constantly lurking online and available. Even ladies who spend a ton of time online will still take breaks, but crazy women are more likely to be logged in at all times and desperate to hang out with you.