Men vs. Women: What Do They Consider Cheating?

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Why Do Men And Women View Cheating Differently?

It's no secret that men and women view cheating differently, some might believe that little things like flirting, texting other people or even being extra chatty is cheating. While others might believe that cheating can only be executed when intercouse is on the table. With this said, some men and women ‘cheat' on their partners for numerous years without feeling the need to let them in on it because they don't feel like they have anything to report on. Some men will take blowjobs from other women and not consider this cheating, while some women think that checking a woman out is cheating. There are a lot of differences between men and women when it comes to what they believe, but in the end it all depends on the individual. Women have been known to be less lenient when it comes to what they consider cheating, but in the end cheating isn't black or white, it is a dangerous grey zone that most people in serious relationships shouldn't mess around with.

Do Men See Flirting As Cheating?

Most men do not consider flirting with other singles cheating, but some might if it's their partner who is implicated in the cheating. Most couples believe that flirting is a natural thing that people do, and that it shouldn't be grouped up with cheating. But they can't deny that seeing their partner flirting with someone else can cause their blood to boil. Men might not consider flirting cheating, but flirting can lead to cheating and that's the truth. There is a huge double standard that surrounds women when it comes to flirting. Basically their male partner can flirt at will and it is no big deal, but when a woman flirts with another man she is considered to be cheating. The standards of cheating change drastically from relationship to relationship, but in the end flirting is like the gateway drug to having an affair, and if you're truly happy with your partner you shouldn't partake in it.

Why Women Consider Watching Porn As Being Unfaithful

Men might not consider watching porn as being unfaithful but some women sure do. In fact, many women forbid their partners of watching porn and see it as cheating. Although this might not make sense to most men, it definitely makes sense to most women. You see, women cannot begin to understand why their partner would feel the need to watch other women having sex when they have the real deal at home. However, some men have excessive sex drives and need to watch porn to unwind, especially if they're dating someone who doesn't always have sex. If you're dating someone who always needs to watch porn, even if you give them sex on the daily, they might just be addicted to watching porn in general.

Does Cheating Only Occur When You Have Sex With Someone Else?

What is cheating? Is it when you look at someone besides your partner in a lustful way? Or does is only occur when your partner actually has sex with someone else. Most men think that cheating can only happen when you have sex with someone who isn't your lover, but women seem to have a different take on cheating altogether. Cheating on someone is a lot more than having sex, it is pretty much everything that leads up to that. If you're getting ready to cheat on your partner, you're going to flirt, text, make out, and pretty much plan the affair in advance, right? So wouldn't you agree that cheating is a lot more complicated than just having sex?